More than a booking engine

Booking engine

Your own booking engine on the website of your establishment, only adding a small code already offered.
Availability may be real in your property without having to upgrade.

Management reserves

Manage and create your reservations, you can do it from any device.
Controls the input, the output ratings.
updated automatically created reservations booking engine.<

Billing reserves

Easily bill your reservations. Just one click and generate an invoice pdf
Just a clik and will send that to the client.<

TPV Restaurant

Make the commands from a mobile.
It visualizes the commands in the kitchen with a Tablet.
The kitchen will be able to indicate exhausted and realized dishes.
It saves time, improves the control, it avoids confusions between kitchen and service.<

No comission!

The best management for your housing

All online
Manage your housing from a tablet or mobile, everything (bookings, bills, booking engine ..)
Save time
Reservations reception will be deducted automatically from their web engine. Save time call center and answering emails, received bookings already made.
Service offers
With the booking engine customers can stay for 24 hours, and have all the information on rates and availability.
Agility and simplicity
Flexibility and simplicity for both the management and the realization of accommodation reservations through the website.

More services

Show offers

You can display offers room rates between specific dates, perfectly visible and highlighted in your engine.

Customer service

Personalized customer service, we worry about do not have to worry.

Generate revenues

Reservacio is not only cheaper manager, also can generate income. The Web site of your establishment is visible. We taking advantage of this visibility to announce local products of its establishment, and 25% of revenue from advertisers will be returned to them.

Custom Programming

You can adapt the intranet and booking engine to your needs.



Reservacio is the first manager reserves that can generate income. Your website is important to us, we will devote a little space in the engine, unobtrusive and quite visible for advertising. 25% of the revenue from your ad space will be returned or deducted from the annual fee. The ads will be filtered by booking more you will be informed of the ad and will discard it if it was not of interest to you.
You can manage the ads, and the company you want for your accommodation cost to advertise is 15 € per week per establishment. Advertisers in your area will be sought in order to create synergies, avoiding all kinds of advertisements that may be considered harmful, we are seriously concerned about their image.
In addition to the 25% that advertisers will be entered in your establishment, if advertisers interested to locate other establishments will be entered 10% of the revenue generated by them.
We put a case: A 10-room accommodation
has held 50% of its advertising space
Annual fee: € 48
25% income: € 97.5
Result: he would enter € 49.5